Monday, July 22, 2013

Diet Soda

"If diet sodas actually help with weight loss, I'd be down 80 lbs.". -unknown.

For some diet soda helps keep them from gaining weight. I thought it was helping me but no, it was doing way more damage.

My poison of choice was Coke Zero. It would help with a little pep in my step from the 2 o'clock to dinner time. The problem was when I would drink this, I would associate it with certain snack foods and guess what I would do? SNACK. Snacking is a gateway activity for me.

For others it's drugs, drinking, or whatever. If I snack, I never get full or satisfied and would switch from something sweet to salty and back again. When would I stop? Usually when I realize the bag is at least half-gone!!!

There was three times when I had artificial sweetener (gum and low-calorie Gatorade) when I didn't realize it was in something but other than that it's been toxic chemical free.

I have been over seven months with no diet soda. Why did I stop? My friend sent me an article about the side effects of using artificial sweeteners and one in particular that I liked to use decomposes to formaldehyde in the body!

Uuuuggghhh...I'm allergic to formaldehyde!!! I've been poisoning myself all this time and making it harder from my body to recover from this darn skin condition.  Second, my body aches were terrible.

I will tell you the positive things I've noticed since kicking diet sodas to the curb:  my skin lesions have decreased in size, my joints do not ache, my teeth are not so yellow. Lastly, and my grocery bill and cart is a lot lighter!!!

The only downside has been gaining about 2 lbs. from switching from sweetener to plain sugar. But lately I've been shaving this down to 1 tbsp in my coffee. I'll take that for better skin.

Oh and the best part? I've discovered I don't care for sodas. I haven't had any (diet or regular) since.

I'm learning. Still learning.

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