Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Works for fitted sheets

Happy New Year all. Is anyone coming to this blog anymore? I have been in a funk and can't seem to write about anything.

Well. I just made this table cover and I'm excited. Why didn't I do this sooner? 

In my house, I don't have a formal dining room. Kind of glad I don't. It just seems isolated. My dining room table is one I bought from a friend of mine years ago. It's beautiful. If I had to buy it brand new, I probably wouldn't because the price would be too much.

So I want to take care of it, protect it but still let my boys not only eat but do crafts, schoolwork, and build lego structures.

I've tried to keep it scratch-free (so far so good), but I've hated all my options.  Cloth or vinyl tablecloths would cover the entire table but would slide around and ultimately, milk would be dumped at least once a week when Koo grew out of using sippy cups. 

Placemats were okay but it left too many areas of wood exposed that I had to be Nazi mom when the boys would want to play with their toys at the table.

Today, I was modifying a king fitted sheet to our queen bed (that's a future post...) and thought, why not make a FITTED tablecloth!!!! Took less than an hour.  Since I hoard fabric, of course I would have remnant vinyl fabric which I cut to size (left 3" hanging over the sides) and then sewed a 3/4" hem, stuck some elastic around it and presto...fitted tablecloth.  No slipping, no exposed wood and best of all, it cost me nothing but time.

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