Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting real

Folks I've lost steam. I've been disconnected in my quest to lose weight and stay healthy. I am at my healthiest in terms of my skin but the worse since 2009 as far as running and strength. It didn't happen all at once.

Kind crept up on my since late October. In late summer my plantar fasciitis was FREAKING painful.  I could hardly walk after a workout let alone get up from a sitting position without buckling under the pain.

I rested. And rested. Then tried to workout. Now only my left foot hurts. I didn't realize the amount of mental energy this injury takes. I feel like a blob. I'm up a few pounds and terrified that I will be up in the 160's again with a pre-diabetic diagnosis again.

What's different is I'm not in crisis mode about it. I'm tired. I'm overweight. I'm in pain. What the hell. My skin looks great...I should be happy.

Do you find yourself in this predicament? I thought I was a cup half-full kind of person...but this is definitely proving me wrong.

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