Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vitamin D

Something as simple as this vitamin that I unwittingly discontinued using in October has been why I have been so tired, unenergetic, and wanting to self-soothe myself the past three months!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday to get bloodwork done to find out if there's something wrong with me because I've been down and out.  I thought maybe my thyroid took a nose-dive again and the dosage had to be adjusted.

One question she asked was if I was still taking vitamin D, because she said..."you've been deficient in the past"...

This explains why I can be so incredibly tired after a workout. Tired after I've slept for eight hours straight.

So, if you are having symptoms like moi, please check to be sure you are getting your vitamin D.

Most of you are fine in this area but if you are not getting enough sun, you may need a boost.  Also, being Asian, I have a harder time absorbing this vitamin from the sun. Lastly, not all vitamin D supplements are created equal.  Get the more expensive D3 version-our bodies absorb it better.

After two days of taking this, my energy level was great and I rocked it at today's bootcamp!!!


Amy said...

Enjoyed running into you yesterday, it's been way too long! It also reminded me that I have ejoyed reading your blog but haven't in the last couple months so now I'm back :) I just upped my vitamin D yesterday hoping it will help my energy level as well, thanks for the reminder!

Betina said...

So, is it higher melanin in the skin that inhibits Vitamin D absorption? Should I be worried about the Ivy Bug?