Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Year, another gingerbread decorating party

This year, gingerbread house baking and assembling was made easier with the help of my friend M and my husband.

We were able to crank out fifteen of the traditional kind for our annual party at my house.  In addition, we made twenty-seven of the Shalet (A-frame) style for S.E.'s class Christmas party.

It was all worth it when S.E.'s class came in from lunch and recess to find gingerbread houses and plates with frosting and candy waiting for them. S.E. was pretty happy to have me there and this made all the work worth it. 

Last year, his first grade teacher didn't want parents participating in class.  So, I did most of my volunteering in Koo's class.

Making up for it this year has been a joy because S.E. is so independent and is one child who could take me or leave me showing up. 

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