Monday, October 8, 2012

Being a grown-up is scary

I get it. My mind reflects on being a lot younger and wishing to grow up so I can do something, be involved in something, just be doing anything other than learning and preparing to be a grown-up.

I'm here. Right in the think of grown-ups-ville.  There are highs (hubby, babies, and your mom not on your every move) but the lows seem to have so much more at stake.

For instance, drama with your family takes larger toll on you because you think you have overcome this stage.  Where your kids and their kids are used as pawns in a struggle to establish the blame game.  Stinks. I hate when my kids or worse when their kids are used to get back at me.  

Also, illness, disease, and death is talked about and happens to way more people we know as we are grown-up. We feel helpless. Don't know how to help or stop the disease from stabbing a family. 

I know there are words in the Bible that deals with lifting one up after being sledgehammer to your body and soul but come on...

Truly, being grown-up is not all its cracked up to be. 

I'm not in a place to write of forgiveness or how to wrap my mind around problems surround my life so I hope this post doesn't ruin your day.

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