Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What a Dork series...

Do you have stuff happen to you and you just feel well...foolish but in a good way?

I guess because I put myself out there, I more often than not, get into situations where I end up calling myself a big DORK.  Most of these situations could probably be avoided if I would just stay in my space...

You decide.  

For instance...

Yesterday before my doctor's appointment, I passed my bank so being the with-it homemaker I am, I remember having four crumpled checks that needed to be deposit since oh, last month.

I am depositing them and with this new ATM, you can individually slide your check in and they scan it and spit out how much you deposit.  I couldn't get the last one to deposit because it was big and really crumpled because it was the oldest of the checks sitting at the bottom of my tiny purse (yay for no shoulder pain from big purses).

Well.  Just go into the bank girl and deposit your check.  I did.  Doors locked.  It's 9:54am.  Checked the hours of operation on the doors and re-tried to open with more mustard.  Nope. 

Panic sets in because for a short time in my life, I worked at a bank.  Anything unusual or out of the ordinary should be a red flag that the bank may be getting robbed.

I peer through the glass.  Nothing.  No activity inside.  I'm envisioning tellers lying below the counters bleeding and robbers waiting for an opportunity to make a run for it.

Oh no.  I get in my car and of course like many times before, my cell phone is sitting at home on the charger.  I can't call 911.

In my little town, the police station is just a street away.  Do I report it or not? I could just drive right to my 10 o'clock appointment and be this not my problem...

Now remember in the beginning when I told you I will put myself out there?  Of course I whisk over to the police station in a slight panic.

I go up to the counter as a very good-looking, clean-cut gentleman walks in behind me.  As I am reporting what I just happened...this very good-looking, clean-cut gentleman pipes up with..."It's Columbus Day, it's closed". Right!  (Side note:  this very good-looking, clean-cut gentleman knew b/c he was a police officer reporting for work...at the quiet police station in our little Mayberry).

What the bleep, bleep, bleep banks.  Columbus Day?! Who gets this day off anymore?! Not my kids for sure.  No. Where. Else.  I should have known.  The bank didn't post up a sign for giving a reason for being closed.  Don't they know there are SAHMs out there just trying to earn our way up to the status of "noisy, old neighbor"?!  I slink my way right out of there...so embarrassing.

Yes. I was a few minutes late to my doctor's appointment and I still have the old, crumpled check in the bottom of my tiny purse.  The bank gives you 90 days to cash it right?  Thirty more days...

What a bleeping dork I am.  

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