Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Five years ago, my skin erupted in rashes and sores.  The first three years, I rotated from three different dermatology specialists and back then the diagnosis was contact dermatitis.  Something I was coming into contact with was causing my skin to flare up.  Figure out what those triggers are, eliminate and I should be good.

In the meantime, as a treatment to calm my skin down, I would receive steroid injections.  Horrible. Love-hate relationship with these shots because they only lasted about three months.  For those three months, my skin would clear up, I lived a semi-normal life of not dodging situations that had made my skin breakout in itchy, scaly, rashes.

But.  My skin NEVER would get worse after three months.  Like more areas of my body would break out.  First it was only on my arms and legs until it covered 90% of my body.

Two and half years ago, I discovered a naturalpath and have not had a steroid shot since.  I'm doing a ton better through nutritional supplements of bacteria, vitamins, and minerals.  In addition, I am getting acupuncture, and most importantly diet control.  Never once was food mentioned at the dermatology offices.

With the exception of a few months out of the year, my skin is doing well.

Why am I bringing all this up?  To express how grateful I feel to have dodged a bullet.  Recently, there's been a rash of fungal meningitis cases popping up due to contaminated steroid injections.  So far, there's been at least 15 deaths as a result.

Had I been on the same path I was on in the beginning.  THIS COULD BE ME.  It could happen to me. The terrible thing about this is one reason steroids work so well is it suppresses your immune system.  Yikes! Kind of need that to work to fight microbial invasions.  So, I am praying for answers to all who have been or have to use steroids   And most importantly, I am grateful.

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