Thursday, September 13, 2012

Since my killer heels (and I do mean killer) especially when I go from sitting position to standing, I've been looking for different ways to get a workout in.

Well, a few ladies have been dropping in to workout with me in my basement.  Booty-camp as my brother-in-law calls it.  I started doing this because I can't go the gym anymore (allergies) and I love working out with others to keep me motivated. 
Yesterday, we killed it.  The workout was almost too hard for me. The theme was "the hills are alive with our groans of pain".  The three of us were hurting after 60 minutes.  The most painful was alternating sprints up and down my stairs, mountain climbers, weighted jumping jacks, and kettle bell lunges at the end of our workout.  I know when a workout is kicking *&$ when my friend threatens bodily harm to me. 

Why would I invite my friends over just torture them?  The lovely has been away on a business trip and I was surfing the channels and was mesmerized by ESPN's coverage of the Cross Fit games.  In my opinion, it's not so impressive to see men doing crazy moves but it was coverage of the women's challenge. 

It was no. joke. These ladies were a-maz-ing!!  Crazy moves with a lap around the track in between.  The muscles, the agility, the grit they had to just push through the pain.

I was so inspired to see how gunned out their bodies were and still at the finish line, they were panting and looked in pain (expressions I identified with) but not on their level.  For some reason, I thought if you  had killer muscles, you didn't hurt after a workout anymore. Like when your six packs have mini-six packs you didn't struggle to do pull-ups.  I LOVED every minute of the coverage.

Hence, I wrote up a routine for yesterday aiming to get those SAME expressions on my friends as I saw on TV (I hope they show up next week).

Thanks for sticking with the post even if it's not of a re-purposed / boys update/ recipe. 

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