Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My skin has been acting up again this past month and it's frustrating because I can't seem to pinpoint the cause.

It's itchy and bumpy and it's all over my body. It's slowly getting better (I think). I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. What do I think is the cause? I think my body went into attack mode when I developed mono a few months and it manifests through my skin.

What does this mean? I'm still tired a lot and I'm anxious because my skin irritates me and I don't sleep well through the night because I can't get comfortable.

In addition to being anxious, I'm finding that I'm getting depressed over my skin. I've been hiding myself at home a lot and not getting out to run or do too much.

Today, I will definitely go to Zumba. I can't change my skin condition but I can change my reaction right? I hope some cool music and hips-swinging will lift my spirits.

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