Thursday, April 14, 2011


Coming off of one of the most special week of the Rambin' On family. My oldest sister and her kids came to visit for the first part of the week and after she left, my husband's older sister's family came to visit. In addition, my youngest sister came to visit with her friend L. We sewed, we ate, we swam, we visited. S.E. completely learned to ride a bike without training wheels thanks to my sister-in-law and her wonderful kids. I would post pictures but I don't have permission. My niece H successfully and confidently tied her shoes. My nieces all made headbands. Two of my nephews made rag quilts (how did I let them leave without taking pictures of their craftwork?!). It was the best visit ever. I do whatever I can to make my nieces and nephews feel special and spend as much time as I can with them because I know once they head into the upper teens, it's hard to get them over here. We are a good six hour drive from family so I feel very grateful to have them take the time to come visit.

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H Love said...

Awesome!! Aunts and Uncles are special special people in the life of children!!