Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The sun coming out today is just what I needed. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, anxious, and sad. I don't have a definitive reason. I just feel sad. I'm really tired of this weather. Maybe I'll pull out my SAD light again.

I think when I eat well and exercise daily, I feel the best but there's a part of me which feels deprived. It's so immature. But that's what I'm feeling when I'm out eating Chinese with my family and they are eating yummy food while I eat stir-fry celery, bean sprouts, and onion.

As the Fairy Godmother said in Shrek 2, "Somebody get me something fried and smothered in chocolate". There you go. That's where I'm at today.

On a really good note, my boys are healthy and playing well together. They've been taking out their legos again, making Origami structures, and building forts. Koo slept in his last night since this week is no school for him.

I hope you all are doing well considering this weather makes you want to eat a whole sleeve of Oreos or whatever your Kryptonite food is.

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