Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I am dressed and waiting to go to their school for their parties. When I asked Koo if he wanted me to come, his answer was "of course, the kids think you're awesome because you make good food."

Here's what I overheard last night as the boys were catching up on their day...

"Guess what I have to do tomorrow Koo?" -S.E.

"What?" -Koo

"At my class tomorrow, we have to have a tea party and I have to sit next to a girl...(big sigh)...it's going to be the worstest day ever." -S.E.

(little brother always the one-upper and sympathizer)

"Well you know what? In my class we have to have a party. Isn't that bad S.E.?" -Koo

The horrors of school I tell ya.

Good thing the boys and I are going their favorite Chinese for dinner. My love is out of town on business so I will not be cooking or cleaning.

Happy Valentine's day all.

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