Monday, December 12, 2011

Just got back from a wonderful weekend watching my nephews play basketball in a tournament in Ellensburg.

Boy are they good. My nephew B's 6th grade team made it to the championship game and came in 2nd to a really good team. As for C's 4-5th grade team, they came in third. Very exciting.

The lovely hubby's parents also met up with us in the middle of the state and it's about three hours drive for all. Going to the games, swimming in the Days Inn pool, hanging out in the hallways, and rockin' it the three Chipmunks as we call Koo, S.E., and Hills in our room was just too much fun.

My boys did not want to go home. S.E. has declared it is my fault that we live too far from family (4 1/2 hours from mine and 6 hours from the lovely hubby's).

I told him that it just makes these little vacations all that much sweeter. Today, I'm feeling grateful for family and being able celebrate in their accomplishments.

Hope you get to love on your family.

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