Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The wet dew after a rainstorm in the summer reminds me of my childhood. The climate here is mostly dry so when it's warm and wet, there's humidity in the air.

Today, I will cut the last remaining enjoyment in my life due to my skin. Coffee. Please bear with me while I wean myself off of the stuff. This is an attempt to get to why I itch in the morning as I sit and enjoy my coffee. Duh. It's probably the coffee.

Right now, I am eating rice, chicken, and rice chex cereal. Wonderful to be me. Today, I am going shopping with my friend Dee (without the kids). I have a babysitter coming for the kids. I've been so bummed out about my weight gain and skin that I want to get some clothes that don't fit tight as well as find jeans for the boys for school.

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