Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fanny Pack

I ran 15.5 miles. How? Why? What was I thinking? I am two weeks out until my marathon and I finally did a long run by myself. I did this in 3 hours and 21 minutes. Not the best time but I kept on trucking along. I didn't hurt too bad and was able to drink water, eat electrolytes gels, bananas, and almonds. All made possible because of my fanny pack and family. My husband and kids drove out to the turnaround point and dropped off one banana and another one near the end of my run. I was elated and very tired. However, I had very minimal soreness because I drank a lot of water, stretched, and rested afterwards. I also ate a small peanut butter sandwich within 30 minutes of finishing along with 1/2 cup milk. I am scared and nervous for the marathon but I am doing it anyway. This is the same feelings I have when I defended my thesis and when I was in my eighth month of pregnancies. Very scared but prepared.

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