Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cow Creek Race

Before and after the race.

The boys and I participated in a 2 mile fun run in a neighboring town's community days. The weather was perfect-sunny with a slight breeze. This is S.E. and Koo's first race. S.E. completed the entire race with half running and walking with a potty break along the weeds 1.5 miles into it. Koo started at the beginning at his bullet pace but burnt out early and by 0.5 mile, he was ready to stop all together. Thank goodness, lovely husband was on the sidelines to get him. We finished the run in 28 minutes.
In addition to the race, there was a classic car show so my lovely could check out the cars while he waited for us. All in all, a wonderful time and I think I have ignited the running bug into S.E. He is so excited to run another race but I think we will have to have more training. In ending, I just want to express how grateful I feel to be able to raise my boys in an environment where they are excited to go out and exercise. S.E. asked if there was a prize for running and I said "Yes, you get to make your body happy".


tyroneb said...

The shortest answer is doing. ............................................................

H Love said...

how fun!!! next year maybe I can join you with my kiddos!