Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boys Update

The boys are in vacation Bible school and are loving it. I think the boys like the time apart because they have been enjoying each other in the afternoons. I'm going to have to go to my experienced moms for advice regarding how to get kids to get along better. I know ultimately it lies on my shoulders if their lives go awry and they don't get along as adults. I'm hopeful today because I know there's a lot of other humans they can connect with.

As for Bible school, the boys have been calling a man "Dude". We were reading stories from their Bibles (given to them by the church) and they were telling me where "Dude" wants them to read. Had I not attended on Tuesday, I would have been confused. Well, they are enjoying it and getting up each day this week and going through the motions without much fuss. Now, if only I can get me to not fuss at them.

My goal is to try to go from Nagger-Drill Sergeant to Loving Mommy again. It's just too important.

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H Love said...

glad to hear the boys are having fun!!