Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm not M.I.A., just super busy. In the past two weeks, I've had three extra kids at my house for eight days. They are my sister-in-law's children visiting us while their parents jetted off to Maui for a bit of holiday. Taking care of five kids sure puts things in perspective when I usually only have my two boys. Two kids seem like a breeze now.

I am back on track with counting my WW points. I have been too overwhelmed with taking care of kids that I haven't had time or desire to eat good foods. Stress eating was at its finest example folks. I have gained three pounds back and now I've got lose those three in addition to the two I need to reach goal weight.

On a bright note, I did make myself wake up early to run. I think that was the difference between what I used to do (overeat, feel bad, and not workout) to now even if I trip up-I still workout to combat my overindulgence.

One thing I have to come to terms with better is that this weight loss journey is forever. I can't just get to my goal weight and then pig out. I still have to eat less, move more, keeping this formula in balance.

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