Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am in a funk with my weight loss program. I am getting burnt out of taking care of myself and I have to snap out of it. I am eating more than I should and I am now two pounds away from my goal weight and I can't buck up and shed these two stinking pounds.

With the recent emotional turmoil in my life, I've been wanting to deal with the problems by baking and eating my way through it. Crap...old crappy behavior rears its' ugly head.

On the bright side, I am armed with new coping tools and I used them. I tapped into a couple of old timers at WW last night who are still trekking along after losing over 100 lbs with still 30 more to go. I gained insight and heard words of encouragement to not let slipping up ruin tomorrow's points.

I wasn't making myself a priority again and trying to please everyone else while my self-esteem kept taking a beating was not good. I digress, the bright side...I only gained 0.2 lbs this week considering I ate almost half a cherry pie and apricot cobbler. So gross, I know.

So today, I tracked and stayed within my points. I have to refocus and remember why I'm doing it-my health.

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