Friday, July 25, 2014

Flying Scared

Why do dumb, dumb people have access to weapons that can take down planes and ruin so many lives?!!

I am so overwhelmed with all the bad news in the world and here in the U.S.

Aren't you?

Am I terrible if I stop watching coverage/documentaries on how our lives are horrible?

I stopped because it didn't make me a better citizen. I would get scared, grumpy and mostly anxious about my kids' future.

I grew up in war. I didn't see severed heads or blood everywhere. What I did see were people running scared. Feeling very nervous when we had to be very quiet because you didn't know if it was the enemy coming to attack.

So, I choose not to click on global coverage but to help where I can make a difference...right here in my community and family.

I feel helpless quick frankly. For instance, those little girls who were taken in Africa...we all know about it and I am HORRIFIED...why have they not been returned when they've been ousted? How horrible for those parents. Helpless right now.

Horror overload. I am stopping now because I am not making sense.

However, I will leave with this...I have always since I was young and scared during the fall of Vietnam, that there's always good that comes out of every bad just have to look for it.

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