Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Koo pulled out another tooth. That's seven in all.

He's trying to save up his money to buy a video game ($50/game). Geez. 

Breakfast conversation...

S.E.: "Koo now you have almost $20 if the Tooth Fairy gives you $1!!"

Koo: "I hope she gives me $20"

Me (Debbie Downer):  "She can't afford to give every child $20/ tooth."

Koo:  "Yes she can, she's rich. Do you how many kids I know have lost their teeth?"

S.E.:  "Oh, Koo. You get what you get and that's it."

Me: "That's why she can't give you $20...there's a lot kids with missing teeth in first grade."

What I love about this conversation is it's where they are at and I love it. The innocence is still there. The biggest worry and biggest story is how many teeth they've lost.

I am learning to enjoy them at this present time. Being present to hear and watch them grow. I sometimes get flashbacks of them rounding the corner in their diapers and sippy cups cheerfully coming to greet me.

These days, when they get up, they get up and play with each other.  Yesterday, I woke up to find them in Koo's room-rollerblading.  I about passed out of shock to see the carpet in his room.  His room is usually a disaster of the Legos kind.

(My camera has gone belly-up and I don't have one of those transformer phones that turns into I'll have to add later).

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