Monday, November 5, 2012


Let me introduce you to "Rachael".  She was broken.  She was taken apart.  Her insides were spilled out and it small bags.

I wished I would have taken a before picture.  She was listed under the "free" section of Craigslist.

She was stuck in reverse. That was why the previous owner took her apart.  But she couldn't figure out how to get it unstuck.

I brought her home.  I was sure if lovely hubby and I couldn't fix her, I could use her for a spare parts machine.

When I turned her on, she was very quiet and smooth.  AAAAHHH. If she was working right, she would crank out some cute quilts and be a great beginner machine.

The lovely hubby fixed her.  There was a fault with the reverse spring.  It didn't spring.  Lovely fixed her!!!

We put her back and I got a new friend.  Any guess of what I will be doing tomorrow after my run?  I will be sewing you all.

Oh, and the cherry on top?  I found her manual for FREE on the website.  High five for me.

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