Tuesday, December 28, 2010

re-upholstered kids' furniture

Koo's preschool asked me to make a slipcover for these kids' furniture. The fabric was free (see earlier post on fabric) leftover from a friend. The zippers I had from previous jobs so all in all it was free with my donated time. I love it when I can help bring new life to old things. I hate thinking this could be in a landfill somewhere because of wear and tear.
How was this accomplished? I cut out pieces of fabric to the exact measurements of the cushions plus 0.5 inch for seam allowances. Next, I baised the pieces fabric inside out directly on the seat themselves with the exception of the piece on the bottom. Then, I carefully removed it from the seat and sewed all the pieces together. Lastly, I attached the zipper to each bottom piece and attached it to the seat. Hope this wasn't too confusing.

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Betina said...

I'm so happy the cowboy fabric is being used. Finally! Great job L!