Wednesday, December 4, 2013

...It's fleeting...

Life is a series of "I can't wait for moments"-can't wait to drive, kiss, get married...insert your can't-wait-of-the-moment.

I remembered in May of 2004 when I became MOM, it was a new series of can't-wait moments: can't wait until baby slept through the night, stop nursing, crawl, walk...on an on.

I was thinking as another Christmas time comes around with S.E. nine and KOO near eight years old. Sometimes, as I am in the everyday schedule of tasks, duties, and have-tos, I recently stopped and just enjoyed my boys.

For they are on the cusp of entering the tween/adolescent years where everything is them against parents.

I am enjoying that they still like to play Legos. Still believe in Santa. Still gets excited by a sundae at Dairy Queen (okay so this never gets old) and where they still like being around the lovely hubby and me.

So, I stop. I converse. I help with build Legos. I help them make clothes and blankets for their stuffed animals. I just let them make a mess with crazy craft projects.

Soon all too soon, the outside things like name brand and girls will have more part of their lives and I just want to cherish them as little boys looking for playdates and Super Smash Brothers on the Wii.

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