Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally...the big reveal...

We got a boat.  A very neglected and dirty boat caused by 20 years of sitting unprotected in a lake in the Pacific Northwest.  You name, it had it: mold, rot, dead bugs, pine needles, and smelly...

We got it cheap. The motor resuscitated by my awesome father who happens to own an outboard motor shop (that's how we got the boat).

The lovely and I worked together for over two months.  He pulled all the old carpeting, primed, and painted the entire inside of the boat making it rust and rot resistant (which a totally appreciate because I do NOT want to sink).  Then he re-carpeted the boat with new carpet (yay!!!).

For my part, I pulled thousands of staples, sewed, restapled all the upholstery.  I even did a bit of applique (Go Cougs!) and what we have now is a great boat for our family to enjoy.

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