Saturday, June 16, 2012

American Doll clothes

My boys have been invited to a friend's birthday party and the little girl has an American Doll.  I tapped into my inner "if I only had a girl to make this for" mode and whipped out three outfits for her doll as presents.

So much fun.  I found the patterns at Walmart for like $2.  What do you think?  I had so much fun I'm thinking of having a doll clothes-making party with other moms coming over to sew up some outfits for their girls.  I do hope she likes it.


Betina said...

They look great! I would come to such a party, if invited. My girls have some AGD, Eden is saving her money for a second doll..... and even though they are ridiculously expensive I'd rather have her into AGD than all the 'tween' things around. The longer my girls stay little girls, the better!

Ramblin' On said...

Yes. Let's make sure we get her to come to this. It's in the works. As so as I unveil my toughest and longest project ever, I will do this. It's not hard because it's so small and I have a ton fabric so it would be really fun to have especially with Eden and you.