Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another fun run!!

My friend R asked me to run in a 4.0 mile race today and I went with her because she is just starting out and trying to lose weight. The race was an hour away and my husband and kids decided to come to cheer us on. Her husband was there too. I just love the group that puts this run on. They belong to a running club and it's basically just a way for them to have runners come together and have a great time. The raffle prizes were 6 frozen turkeys. It was a beautiful sunny, cold day and the best part besides running 4 miles in 38 minutes-my men waiting at the finish line to cheer me on. S.E. and Koo ran to the finish line with me. Very cute and I will remember this forever. I want to inspire my boys to be active and when they grow up to enjoy running like I've become to really like. It's the only "sport" I've ever stuck with and enjoy doing.

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Betina said...

I love that you love to run. I remember you used to recite the mantra "I could never run like you"

You CAN. You DO. You ROCK!

I'm training for the Snake River half in March. Wanna meet at the starting line?