Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Weight

I have been inspired reading blogs regarding weight loss and how it made me feel. I wanted to express some of my thoughts down regarding my weight and I was tired of starting notebooks of journaling just to have my little boys rip out the pages and doodle on them. Hence, I figured I would get my thoughts down somewhere that I can hold myself accountable to how I felt at the time and why I can't stop the horrible cycle of my weight loss. Here's what I know so far about my relationship with food:
  • It is my source of expressing my love or generosity to others
  • It's part of my self-worth because I get compliments on my cooking. I take pride in it
  • I love to cook to relieve stress or boredom
  • I eat when I want to feel something-happiness, sadness, and every other emotion I feel that I can ignore feel better about
  • My work in the past has all related to food
  • My reward

Now, I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot of other points but for right now that's what is going on in my head.

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